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Smarter Business Communication & Collaboration.

Stay flexible, remain connected and scale your needs as you grow

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SMB + Enterprise

Smarter Business Communication & Collaboration.

Eclipse UC is a global Unified Communications as a Service platform (UCaaS). Developed in Europe and quickly expanding globally with its market-leading and award-winning technology (Internet Telephony Product of the Year 2018).


Run and manage your phone system over your desktop PC or laptop.

Use Anywhere

Enjoy a seamless customer experience from anywhere!

Contact Centre

Integrate advanced ACD logic, let you utilise hosted Contact Centre services.


Seamlessly manage the distribution of incoming calls.

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Stay Mobile

Mobile App

Enjoy the power of a fully-fledged business phone system, right in the palm of your hands!

Stop Interruptions

Presence State

Guaranteeing that you never miss the opportunity to stay connected.

Mobile App

Work From Anywhere

With multi-device support, including desktop handsets, PC-based Softphone and your mobile phone application.

Quick Conversations

Instant Messaging

One-to-one messaging with your colleagues, share content and collaborate with team messages.


Visual Voicemail

Receive voicemails and missed call notifications from any device, wherever you are.

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Contact Centre



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Documentation + Resources

Download and Request All App Resources Here


Eclipse UC Product Brochure

A brochure containing general information about Eclipse UC and its features

Eclipse UC 10.2 User Guide

User guide and technical information about the Eclipse UC application and features

Eclipse UC Video Conferencing Brochure

Learn about Eclipse UC Video conferencing feature and how it can be applied to business

Eclipse UC Switchboard Brochure

A brochure containing general information about Eclipse UC Switchboard, its features, and application

Eclipse Feature Guide

A quick Guide outlining the complete rand of Eclipse UC Features

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