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Can Eclipse UC enterprises be renamed?

No, labels can be changed but not the name

What do we do when we have licenses that are still under contract but the end user wishes to cancel?

Licenses can be moved to other tenants by sending a request to orders@channeluc.com

Can we set different timezones for different sites?

Yes, by sending a request to support@channeluc.com. The support team will make changes from the back end and the handsets will need to be rebooted for the update to take effect

Can I provision a handset that is not in the list of supported devices?

Yes, the device needs to be added as a SIP Generic Device


How do we increase the limit for the VM messages?

Limits can be adjusted via webadmin

What calls are included in the Unlimited SIP trunk?

Calls to local, national, mobile, and 13/1300 numbers

What are the call policies for?

Load Balancing - distributes calls across both registrations
Backup - calls are sent to one registration and will only send to the other if the first is unreachable.

What is the preferred codec for SIP Trunks?


What are the required port for SIP Trunking?

The answer can be found in our KB:  https://helpdesk.channeluc.com/portal/en/kb/articles/firewall-ports-for-eclipse-uc

How do we enable international calls?

Please send a request to support@channeluc.com indicating the list of the countries required

I have added a user and they can’t see their Dial pad in the CC4Teams Client.

You will need to enable their Dial pad under Company -> Pencil Icon -> Outbound settings, tick the box for the relevant user, dial pad will appear instantly

Agents are not receiving calls

  1. First confirm with the customer their present states are set to available and they have been joined/membered to the queue.
  2. Make sure the user has voicemail turned off in the Teams Admin Center via calling policy or the users voicemail settings      If the above is set correctly:
  1. Ask the Agent to sign out of Teams and back in again. (This is found on the user’s profile photo in Teams, top right corner, click the icon then select Sign out.
  2. Reset the agent in Company -> Pencil Icon -> Service Center
  3. If above doesn’t resolve, have the Global Admin remove the user from the Azure AD Group and re-add the user

When I get a call, it rings for too long or rings for too short.

In Call Center->Queues->Members, click the edit icon  on the user then increase or decrease the RINGINGTIMEOUT seconds to desired time, make sure click the green tick to confirm the settings and then press save.

Call is disconnecting after hearing an announcement or anywhere else in the call flow.

This is a configuration issue in the Call Center-> Flow, the step you take will all depend on where the call is hanging up

  1. If disconnecting at before or after the Auto Attendant, Go into the Flow section, you will need to check the identifiers in the Branch step and Tone step match, Identifiers are unique and there must not be any double ups within that tenant’s call flow.
  2. Make sure all items have been connected
  3. Check Call Center->Schedules (Business Hours) has been done correctly

I have added a new present state, but can’t see it in the application.

  1. Make sure the user is membered in the Call Center->Queue->Members
  2. The same Present states cannot be placed in Busy and Do Not Disturb, check for double up Call Center->Queue->Reasons
  3. On rare occasions the present state can error when being added, please delete the present state and re-add it with a slightly different spelling.

Agent finished a call but  couldn’t find the caller ID of the person they spoke to, Teams call history just shows R365 calling.

This is currently how Roger365 works because Microsoft would not provide the tools to set the original caller. The bot get the call and calls the agent from a teams point of view. The reports have been put in place as a work around.

Roger365 app will not load on my Teams client.

  1. Logout and log back in to the Teams client and retry
  2. Clear Team’s cache (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/troubleshoot/teams-administration/clear-teams-cache)
  3. Uninstall/reinstall the app

AA and Call queue is not showing in Teams admin Centre.

Make sure the correct licenses are attached on the user in the MS365 Admin centre and Licenses are set to auto renew

What are the Call Distribution types in Teams?

Attendant –Rings all agents in the queue at the same time
Serial -  Rings all User one by one in the order specified in the User list
Round Robin- Balances the routing of incoming calls so that each user gets the same number of calls from the queue
Longest Idle -  The call is routed to the agent who has had a presence status of Available the longest without taking a call

How do we assign a license to a resource account?

  1. Go to MS 365 Admin Center
  2. Under User > Active user search for the email account of the resource account
  3. Select the user and go to Licenses and Apps
  4. Add the MS Phone Resource account to each AA/CQ

What are the pre-requisite licenses for enabling Direct Routing for MS Teams?

  1. Business Basic + 365 Business voice without calling plan
  2. Business Standard + 365 Business voice without calling plan
  3. Business Premium + 365 Business voice without calling plan
  4. Office 365 E1 + Phone System
  5. Office 365 E3 + Phone System
  6. Office 365 E5
  7. Microsoft 365 E1 + Phone System
  8. Microsoft 365 E3 + Phone System
  9. Microsoft 365 E5

How do we assign a license to a resource account?

  1. Go to MS 365 Admin Center
  2. Under User > Active user search for the email account of the resource account
  3. Select the user and go to Licenses and Apps
  4. Add the MS Phone Resource account to each AA/CQ

What do we need to begin the Teams admin setup for Ribbon Connect?

  1. A user/login to your Office 365 account with Global Admin rights
  2. Microsoft Phone System licence add-ons (or E5 licences) for the end users of the service
  3. Access to the PBX to create/manage SIP credentials.
  4. Ideally, one or two spare Office 365 user licenses such as Business Essentials/Premium or E1/E3/E5, for a few hours during the initial setup.

Teams registers a Missed Call when a call is answered by another device on the system.

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  1. This behaviour is usually due to a setting on the PBX. Where several devices are assigned to one user profile the PBX will attempt to distribute the calls to all devices depending on an assigned policy linked to the user profile. This is rather like being a member of a Hunt or Distribution group with several other end users. The call, having been answered by one endpoint will rise a flag in the PBX which then sends a new message to all other endpoints to say the call has been answered.  this will generate a Missed Call alert
  2. In the PBX settings there should be a setting you can set which basically turns off the Missed Call alert. The setting may say something like Missed Call Alert: Ignore if answered elsewhere. As a result, the PBX will send the following message to the device: REASON: SIP; cause=200;text”Call completed elsewhere This advises the device NOT to flag this as a missed call.

Calls Drop After Connection.

Calls may drop for a number of reasons. During a call there are several exchanges between the PBX/Trunk, our SBCs, Microsoft and the external parties. Each component part of the process needs to keep alive and will often check on progress. It is not, therefore, uncommon that secondary and subsequent INVITEs are sent and responses expected. When checking the call logs or progress through a PCAP, it is worth establishing whether all CODECS are being included for each invite and that each message receives a valid response. We often note that PBX's or Trunks do not respond to additional invites or 180/188 Ringing messages. We also note that on occasion, responses are sent on different port numbers. Please check before reporting.

Unable to dial out: Time out Error.

This error means the carrier service had no response to the outgoing SIP INVITE. This could be firewall related.

No Incoming Calls: Not Found (404 Errors)

  1. This usually means that the user has not fully completed registration on the Microsoft side as is often the case with new users. Please allow up to 48 hours to register depending on demand/load on Microsoft.
  2. Occasionally, we see cases where a user's number has been amended in Microsoft 365 but has not fully propagated through to Call2Teams (or vice-versa). A new Sync will often resolve this, but on rare occasions, numbers may need to be removed either on the MS side or the Call2Teams side, or both, and then re-entered, followed by a subsequent sync.
  3. There is more on 404 errors here: Unallocated Numbers (404 errors) (https://connectorsupport.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/80000605312)
  4. In some cases, this issue can be attributed to tenants who have both Teams and Skype for Business running at the same time. (Islands Mode). Here is a Microsoft article that explains this in greater detail: Teams & SfB Coexist & Interop (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/teams-and-skypeforbusiness-coexistence-andinteroperability)

I am unable to send photos via messaging system.

MMS is not supported by Dialpad and our carriers in Australia. At present we only support SMS.

Can I pause the recording during an active call?

Yes, install the Dubber app in your Teams client and a pause button will be available during an on going call(permission must be granted by admin).