Triumph is an iconic brand, and you’ve seen their products many times. Hollywood movies from The Great Escape to Jurassic World have featured stars riding Triumph motorcycles. Celebrities like Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley have been pictured on them. And stuntman Evel Knievel made his world-famous jump at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on a Triumph.

The iconic bikes became so popular in the US that in 1994 the UK-based Triumph Motorcycles launched Triumph Motorcycles America Ltd. Thanks in large part to this subsidiary, today Triumph is one of the fastest-growing motorcycle brands in the US. The Atlanta-based company has grown so rapidly that recently it began looking into upgrading its communications system.

Rapid growth triggers the search for a better business communications platform

In recent years, the growth of Triumph Motorcycle America has been picking up a lot of speed. As the organization grew, Operations Manager Brandon Keller and his team decided it was time to upgrade and modernize their business phone system to deal with the increasing demands of the company’s accelerated hiring.

“First, we needed a better voice system than the old PBX we were maintaining,” Keller says. “And second, we wanted a solution that would be flexible enough to offer lots of communication features to our teams that needed it, but at the same time just be an easy-touse phone for employees who didn’t want or need more than that.”

Company profile

Although Triumph is a British manufacturer the company’s bikes have been favorites on American roads for decades. In 1994, the UK-based company launched Triumph Motorcycles America Ltd., which manufactures and sells the iconic motorcycles through 160 dealers across the United States. And despite the fact that they’ve been around for more than a century, today Triumph is one of the fastest growing motorcycle brands in the US.

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Atlanta, GA

“Actually,” Keller continues, “it wasn’t until we started talking with RingCentral that we realized how much we could also benefit from additional services built into the system like SMS, electronic fax, online meetings, a mobile app, and other communication services. The RingCentral team actually showed us ways we could improve our efficiency and collaboration that we didn’t even know about.”

A smooth and simple rollout and outstanding support when we needed it

“One early win we enjoyed with the RingCentral rollout,” Keller recalls, “was how easy and trouble-free it was to get our staff trained on using the system. Pretty much all we had to do was send everyone some of the YouTube video tutorials from RingCentral University, and that was it.”

“Also, your support and Customer Care Center has been fantastic whenever we’ve had questions or needed support. I recently contacted them to walk me through a couple of changes I wanted to make—just to make sure I didn’t mess anything up. They were so responsive, so helpful, and that gives me a peace of mind.”

A game-changing feature that surpassed even the team’s high expectations

“As we were doing our research into business communication vendors, one big selling point that led us to RingCentral was your Business SMS texting capability,” Keller explains. “We reach out directly to prospects via text messaging, and we believed that enabling our lead engagement reps to send a sales text right from their desktops could really boost engagement and our customer experience.”

“Turns out we actually underestimated the value of this feature,” says Keller. “When we started using the RingCentral SMS tool to text consumers, we doubled our engagement rates over what they’d been when our reps were making phone calls.”

“The SMS feature also helps make our lead engagement reps more productive, efficient, and offer better customer service— because in the same time they used to have to give their attention to a single person on a phone call, they can now be engaged in text conversations with 10 customers simultaneously. In terms of boosting engagement and our bottom line, the SMS texting feature has absolutely been a game changer for us.”

The new system leads to big cost saving

“Thanks to a combination of no longer needing to support our aging PBX phone system and being able to do away with some of the other communication services we were paying for, like our online meeting service, we’re now seeing a 30% savings over our old system, which is real money.”

RingCentral provides more business benefits than the team anticipated

“This system is also benefiting us in ways that we didn’t anticipate when we rolled it out,” explains Keller.

“For example, we set up our call center staff on RingCentral Office, and from the beginning the service was great for helping us more easily rotate people in and out based on their shifts. But then we started using the Live Reports to learn more about how our calls were being handled, and when we reviewed those reports we realized it didn’t make sense to keep our call center operating 24/7. Almost nobody was calling after midnight or on Sundays, so that insight allowed us to adjust schedules in ways that made more sense for the business. Right there, RingCentral helped us become more productive and save money without sacrificing our service or the customer experience.”

“Here’s another example: We use RingCentral Meetings to host online video conferences with our dealers across the US. We work with 160 dealers, and what we realized was that we could host a live training session—say, to tell our dealers about the details of a new bike—and RingCentral Meetings lets us record that entire video and show it on-demand to our other dealers. This is another game changer because it frees our people up from having to host that same training session over and over for every dealer.”