Eclipse UC is the first Mobile centric platform in Australia which gives users the ability to take their office voice and collaboration platform virtual and out on the road to anywhere with mobile coverage, 4G/5G and Wifi. Fully native to android or iOS the Mobile application is extremely intuitive and includes:

  • One Touch access to main value-added services
  • Push notifications avoiding battery drain and security leak
  • Integrated VoIP softphone with end-to-end encryption and switch to GSM when IP network connectivity is poor (WiFi or mobile data)
  • Instant notifications and instant messaging for users
  • Unified communications’ history (chat, voicemails, calls)
  • Unified contacts (personal, corporate)
  • Real time user and telephony presence state
  • Team collaboration (video conferencing, screen and file sharing, group chat).

Eclipse Mobile gives vital features to your everyday business functions all from the convenience of your mobile phone.  Whether a small business starting out with a single line and dedicated business number or a enterprise user leveraging off different PBX functionality like ACD groups and CRM integration.  Eclipse Mobile will allow your business calls to take preference over normal mobile calls, you can hide your caller ID, set forwarding rules and sync with your corporate and personal directory.  Let colleagues know you are in meeting or where you are by managing your presence status. Transfer calls and set up on the fly recordings.

Eclipse Mobile integrates into our Video bridge allowing the user to create video conferences from their mobile device for up to 100 participants, join conferences through a meeting ID, White board and screen share bringing the full collaboration experience at the touch of a button.