Giving the Australian Reseller Channel a Voice.

Channel UC an all-encompassing Unified Communication Platform as a Service (PaaS) reseller offering.  This whole-of-business voice solution complete with Carrier interconnect in order to deliver SIP Trunks,  a Trunking platform to manage customers, number ranges and SIP trunks through a single pane of glass.  Carrier grade UCaaS infrastructure as well as a very comprehensive billing platform which offers all forms of billing as well as 3rd party billing, all cloud managed locally hosted in Australia running on high availability.  Channel UC enables our reseller partners to become service providers offering much more than just quality dial tone.

By 2021 Cloud calling would have surpassed on-prem in sales

130 Million Active Cloud Voice users globally

6 Billion Global meeting minutes being billed per month

Unified Communication drives Service Provider growth by 35% YoY

74% of organisations will choose a Cloud Calling vendor within the next 24 months.  Channel UC offers 4 pillars to enable resellers to become Service Providers and offer UC solutions that will ensure they are capturing and migrating end user organisations to a solid and feature rich cloud calling voice solution that they can get the most out of.  The multi-device support and the work from anywhere approach ensures organisations improve productivity and ensures a seamless communication and collaboration experience.

Customer Service

Our channels voice is key and without it we could not deliver cutting edge technology. We focus heavily on our channel relationships to ensure we are meeting these demands and technology advancements.

Strategic Relationships

Our business model affords us the ability to partner with some of the leading vendors globally. These relationships and buying power directly benefit our channel partners ability to compete in the market.

No Direct Sales

As our name suggests we are a channel business and have no direct sales arm. We have tailor made a collaboration platform that enables our channel to offer their customers a reliable scalable solution.

What are the benefits of UCaaS?

UCaaS is useful because it leverages the versatility and agility of the cloud. This means that companies can easily scale and transform their communication strategies according to their needs. What’s more, UCaaS embraces the “OpEx” go-to-market model, which reduces costs to a predictable monthly expense. Some of the benefits of UCaaS include:

Simple Deployment and Disaster Recovery:

UCaaS solutions are delivered over the cloud. This means that large enterprises or small mom and dad stores can give everyone in their team access to the same platforms at once, rather than having to spend months sending engineers to different offices around the world. If something goes wrong, patches and backups can also be rolled out worldwide within very little time.  Eclipse UC has full survivability with mirrored infrastructure should the platform go offline, the next data centre would take over and so on.


UCaaS is ideal for companies that want to grow or downsize rapidly at any time. You can add or remove features to your cloud package whenever you see fit. This is particularly helpful for businesses with seasonal trends in business performance. If you need more people to use your UCaaS system one month, you can add more users for that period

Minimal maintenance:

UCaaS solutions are hosted and managed from outside of your business as the is the case with Channel UC.  By us looking after your communication stack, your IT team will be free to focus on other things, like helping your company to grow and responding to problems within the IT stack

Enhanced mobility:

UCaaS is particularly useful for today’s remote workforce. Because the services you need for your communication stack are delivered over the cloud, your team will be able to access them wherever they are, allowing for global employees and staff members on-the-go solutions with Eclipse Mobile-Centric applications and sign in from anywhere web-based soft-phone features, or desktop functionality.